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Events & Symposiums

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You’ll find Go Canoeing at a wide range of events all over the country. We support all kinds of shows and exhibitions, festivals, multi-sport events, challenge-orientated events and skills workshops – sometimes called symposiums.

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With such a wide range of events, there’s something for everyone – from experienced paddlers looking to improve their technique or test their limits with physical challenges, to newcomers to the sport, and even events for the whole family to get involved. Some events feature on-the-water activities whereas others are land-based and give you the opportunity to try out our kayaking machines. Our events vary greatly so be sure to check the details on what the ability level needed to take part, and the equipment and clothing needed.

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Equipment and clothing

The equipment and clothing required will depend on the event. Some will be on the bankside, while others may provide you with all equipment including suitable canoe or kayak and safety equipment.

All events aimed at beginners will have equipment and safety clothing available for you to use. Events aimed at people who have experience may require you to bring your own boat along. The equipment required for each event will be outlined in the specific event details.

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Some of the events are organised and run by Go Canoeing Providers or partners while others are run by third parties. Each event is different and Go Canoeing’s involvement at each will vary.

British Canoeing provides a free event promotion & endorsement service, if you want to know more and are interested in registering an event with us click here. Or alternatively please contact us:, 0845 3709542

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Disability information

Some events may be able to cater for disabilities better than others. If you have a disability and would like to take part in an event, please look at the specific event information to see what facilities are available or please contact the event organiser who will let you know if they can meet your requirements.