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Three Lakes Challenge

This truly unique challenge will take you on an adventure to some of the most beautiful and scenic inland paddling locations in the UK. The combination of travelling over 380 miles on land and 43 miles on the water will put even the most experienced paddler to the test.

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The Challenge

The Challenge Distance Time Type
Paddle the length of the longest lakes in England, Wales and (longest loch) in Scotland 43 miles Over 24 hours to a year (depending on experience and how you want to do the challenge) Unique

The Routes

Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) in Wales - 7 miles Llyn Tegid Info Pack

Windermere in England - 11 miles Windermere Info Pack

Loch Awe in Scotland - 25 miles Loch Awe Info Pack

Why The Three Lakes Challenge?

The challenge is designed to test your endurance to the limits and should not be underestimated. Previous canoeing experience, careful planning and training is required, however you can complete it in your own time, at your own pace. The Three Lakes Challenge suits all motivations, whether it is for a personal challenge, charity fundraising, attempting the fastest time or just for enjoyment.

A more experienced paddler, looking for the ultimate challenge and wanting to achieve a fast time may wish to complete the Three Lakes Challenge the fastest time possible. However, those who are more interested in touring and leisure may prefer to complete the Challenge over three or more days. You could even spread it out one lake at a time over a week, month or year…the choice is yours!

It is important to prepare sufficiently for the Three Lakes Challenge, ensuring you are physically fit enough for the distances being covered. As with many challenges, enjoyment and a sense of achievement comes from the training, planning and preparation involved in the lead up to the challenge.

We recommend that you should have a support crew to support you on this challenge, particularly if you are attempting to complete this in a short timescale. Sharing the experience with fellow canoeists and a support crew will also give you shared memories that won’t be forgotten. Visiting the three spectacular locations is the icing on the cake!

10 easy steps to your Three Lakes Challenge Adventure

  1. Read all of the route descriptions, safety information and guidance documents.
  2. Decide on how you want to do the Three Lakes Challenge.
  3. Find a like-minded friend or friends to complete the Challenge with.
  4. Recruit a support crew.
  5. Start planning.
  6. Print the Challenge Route maps and route descriptions.
  7. Prepare the appropriate equipment.
  8. Set off on your Three Lakes Challenge adventure.
  9. Keep a record of your time.
  10. Register your achievement.

Useful Downloads

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Register Your Challenge!

Once you have ventured out and completed the Three Lakes Challenge we’d love to hear from you about your experience. You can do this by registering your challenge with us, in return we will recognise your efforts by sending you a certificate and displaying your time on our national leader board (if you chose this option at registration).

Click here to register your Three Lakes challenge details

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Name of People/Person/Club Date of Paddle Time Acheived Notes

Gary and Oscar Partridge from Truro Race Canoe Club

30th May - 1st June 2018 6hrs 6mins Father and son duo

Craig Duff and Steph Roberts

18-19th August 2016 6hrs 16mins Completed within 24hrs

Gary Partridge and Oscar Partridge

15th - 17th August 2017 6hrs 18mins Completed as a group with their canoe club

Matthew and Jasmyn Thomas from Truro Canoe Race Club

30th May - 1st June 2018 6hrs 28mins Father and daughter duo

Mark and Samuel Jadav from Truro Race Canoe Club

29th May - 1st June 2018 6hrs 53mins Father and son duo

Paul Postill and Cassie Byers

15th - 17th August 2017 7hrs 16mins Completed as a group with their canoe club

Ella and Miriam Walsworth-Bell from Truro Race Canoe Club

29th May - 1st June 2018 8hrs 3mins Mother and daughter duo

Bill Sharpe

15th - 17th August 2017 7hrs 34mins Completed as a group with their canoe club

Patrick Kinsella, Richard Snow and Neil Gilmour

8th/9th July 2017 8hrs 3mins Completed within 24 hrs. Fastest finishers in individual craft.

Nick and Dave Watt

1st November 2015 8hrs 11mins Completed within 24hrs

Peninsula Canoe Club

4th July 2015 9hrs 22mins First completion in under 24hrs.

Steve and Julie Watt

1st November 2015 9hrs 38mins Completed within 24hrs

Milton Keynes Canoe Club (Jez Young, Adam Dunmur, Andrew Jeffs, Max McCaffrey, Paul Jeffs, George Fountaine)

30th April 2016 9hrs 52mins Completed within 24hrs

Team HC (Kelvin Hurlock, Chris Barton, Jamie Barton)

1st May 2016 10hrs 29mins Completed within 24hrs

Graham Wells

23rd-25th May 2015 10hrs 30mins First individual completion of all 3 Lakes

Andy Sutton, Andy Seagar, Steve Winship and Kevin Spiers

16th - 17th June 2018 10hrs 45mins Andy Sutton is the first paraplegic paddler to complete the challenge

Alan Minister and Tim Styles

6th June 2018 11hrs 54mins Completed as part of an epic 3 Lakes & 3 Peaks with cycling in between

Elaine Nunns

18th June 2016 - 22nd May 2017 12hrs 33mins

The Dowson Family

18th Mar - 10th Oct 2015 12hrs 51mins

Joseph Rosenfeld

August 2015 12hrs 54mins Joseph was 14yrs old when he completed the challenge for charity

Chris and Christine Eves

24th April-11th May 2017 13hrs 10mins First people to complete the challenge in an inflatable kayak

William and Caden Horsley

7th April - 28th Aug 2016 13hrs 52mins Father & son. At the time, Caden, at 10yrs, was the youngest person to complete the full 3 Lakes Challenge

Tobey Percival (9yrs) and Darren Lomax

28th-30th April 2017 13hrs 56mins Tobey and his Dad, Darren, completed the lakes over 3 days. Tobey is now the youngest person to paddler the Three Lakes Challenge.

Andrew Tweens

Oct 2016 - Oct 2018 14hrs 2mins Completed one lake each October for three years

Andrew Fryer-Kelsey, Joshua Fryer-Kelsey and Tim Redfern

18th-21st Aug 2018 14hrs 20mins

Sutton Coldfield Sea Cadets

17th - 19th August 2018 15hrs 34mins

Roger Chandler

30th Sept - 2nd Oct 2016 16hrs 22mins Completed on a stand up paddleboard

Shropshire Paddlesport (Caroline, Phil & Tim Bevan, Sian and Bill Norris)

August 2015 16hrs 45mins Completed the 3 Lakes AND 3 Peaks Challenges in one week

Sian Sykes

13th - 15th May 2016 17hrs First person to complete the Three Lakes on a stand up paddleboard

Chris Moore, Ilona Ulme and Kaysee the dog.

1st - 4th Aug 2017 17hrs Kaysee is the first dog to complete our Three Lakes Challenge!

Brian and Harrison Wardell

2nd October 2016 18hrs 43mins Father & son. Completed with their club: The Slea Paddlers

Leam Boat Centre - Bethany Ellis, Francis Fowler, George, Elliot & Edward Parry, Edward H, Jenna Saunders, Libby Robison, Mark Ellis

21st-25th Spet 2016 22hrs 51mins Group of home educated children aged 10-14yrs & their coaches

Nathan Parry

Oct 2016 - June 2018 29hrs 49mins Circumnavigated each lake, a total of 94 miles

Kate Sharples, Barbara Broderick and Ruth

23rd - 25th May 2015 tbc First group completion