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Linton White Water Course

Located to the North West of York, this exciting new White Water facility, alongside a hydro power scheme, is set to open in 2019.

Linton Whaite Water Course: opening soon!

Having been in construction for over 3 years, this innovative project will be a great new venue for training, competition and fun. 

Thanks to grant funding from Sport England in 2016, British Canoeing and Mann Power Construction have been developing the site at Linton on Ouse, to combine hydro power, fish passage and a short white water course all on the same site.

The course boasts 4 drops and is currently undergoing a testing and commissioning phase, before formally being open to the public later this year.

Usage of the course will be managed by a Linton White Water Committee, who have been involved in steering the project for the last 2 years. Details of how to access the course will be posted on here in due course.

Live Camera feeds

 Linton Canoe Upstream

 Linton Weir

 Linton Downstream