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Access & Environment Lobbying work

British Canoeing is committed to ensuring the voice of paddlers heard on the major issues affecting our sport and the environment in which we participate.

British Canoeing is actively campaigning alongside other key organisations on a range of issues, from public access to protection of wildlife & habitats. To date, some of the key pieces of work we have been involved in are:

Environment Bill

Autumn 2018 - ongoing:

British Canoeing is working closely with Greener UK and Wildlife and Countryside Link to during the development of the new Environment Bill.

We would like to see:

  • Everyone have access to high quality natural green AND BLUE space where they live, to contribute to their wellbeing, and mental and physical health.

  • Effective controls in place to protect and enhance the natural environment.

  • Everyone receiving an inspiring environmental education and environmental matters are properly communicated to, and understood by, the public

Review of Designated Landscapes

Dec 2018:

British Canoeing submitted a detailed response to ‘Designated Landscape Review’, covering National Parks and AONB’s.

Key points:

  • National Parks are on the front line in the public’s engagement with the environment, landscapes and wildlife. The very nature of being in a named ‘Designated Landscape’ brings a unique special quality that focuses people’s attention. They provide inspirational places for us to live, work and play.

  • National Parks could and should be champions of the free right of all to enjoy the outdoors by whatever responsible means they so wish, without exception, exclusion or priority.

  • More must be done to ensure that National Parks uphold the principles on which they were founded, ensuring everyone has a free and equal right to enjoy the outdoors. This includes access on water.

  • National Parks must be properly funded in accordance with their original aims.  

  • National Parks and AONB’s should take a lead in providing innovative and creative ways of inspiring people to be responsible for the impact their activity has upon the natural landscape.

EFRA inquiry on the Agriculture Bill

October 2018:

 British Canoeing submitted written evidence to the EFRA (Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs) Select Committee.

The response can be read here

British Canoeing submitted the Wildlife & Countryside Link submission to the EFRA inquiry into the Agriculture Bill.

The response can be read here

Agriculture Bill

May 2018: 

British Canoeing submitted a response to the Government consultation on ‘Health & Harmony: the future of food, farming and the environment in a green Brexit’.

The response can be read here

May 2018: 

British Canoeing inputted and signed up to the Wildlife & Countryside link Consultation response to ‘Health & Harmony: the future of food, farming and the environment in a green Brexit’.

The joint response can be read here:

October 2018: 

British Canoeing supported Wildlife & Countryside Link/Greener UK submission to the Public Bill Committee.

The joint response can be read here

Marine licensing exemption consultation response

Nov 2018:

British Canoeing inputted into a consultation response by the Wildlife & Countryside Link on Marine Licensing Exemptions.

We supported the majority of the marine licensing exemptions but agree that in-water cleaning of lightly fouled recreational vessels is not best practice when carrying out biosecurity. We  believe that the exemption proposal fails to align with either the Convention on Biological Diversity or the GB Non-Native Species Strategy.

Blueprint for Water

Through our membership with Wildlife & Countryside Link, British Canoeing is an active member of the Blueprint for Water working group. This is a unique coalition of environmental, water efficiency, recreational users including fisheries, angling and recreational organisations, and are part of the wider environmental NGO coalition, Wildlife and Countryside Link. Blueprint members come together to form a powerful joint voice across a range of issues.

Below are a selection of initiatives we have supported or inputted into:

Shared Principles between water companies and environmental NGOs

British Canoeing signed up to support the shared principles document, which sets out how water companies and Environmental NGO’s will work together to safeguard the environment.

The Joint Principles Doc can be found here

#ProtectWater campaign

British Canoeing Supported this initiative help encourage signatories to the consultation against changes to the Water Framework Directive.

Reducing Diffuse Agriculture Pollution

British Canoeing participated in the discussion, under the Blueprint for Water initiative to help collate ideas to reduce diffuse pollution by investigating:

  • What we need from the Agriculture Bill and Environment Bill prior to Brexit

  • Managing public money under a new Environmental Land Management Scheme as well as from private investment

National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy - Blueprint for Water coalition to the Environment Agency October 2018

We agree that would like to see the strategy result in greater uptake of natural flood management (NFM) with benefits for both those at risk of flooding and aquatic, wetland and riparian habitats. A more joined up approach to flood and coastal erosion risk management which works with natural processes will help ensure public funds are spent in the best way and contribute to wellbeing.