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Swimming Pools and Paddlesport

This three hour module is aimed at coaches currently using or wishing to make use of swimming pools for paddlesport sessions.

It offers practical advice and guidance for gaining access to swimming pools, and for getting the most out of pool sessions. It is designed to equip coaches with a good working knowledge of paddlesport activities taking place within a swimming pool environment. The module includes a practical, on-the-water element.

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By the end of this workshop participants should have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand access issues related to swimming pool use for paddlesport
  • Be aware of risk assessment and health and safety guidelines
  • Be aware of British Canoeing guidelines for use of swimming pools
  • Recognise potential staffing issues when working with pool managers and lifeguards
  • Understand safeguarding considerations for children and vulnerable adults participating in this environment
  • Have a working knowledge of paddlesport equipment and its use within swimming pools
  • Be familiar with a range of Paddlesport activities which can be practices in swimming pools (e.g. rolling clinics, games, canoe polo and Cross Stream Challenge)
  • Expand Course Structure

    This is module includes water-based elements and is delivered in four hours of contact time.

    The Swimming Pools and Paddlesport Foundation Module is an attendance course and there is no formal assessment.

    Expand Certification

    On completion of the Swimming Pools and Paddlesport Foundation Module the course provider will submit successful participants for certification.

    British Canoeing will then issue an attendance certificate subject to a certification fee of £5 for British Canoeing members or £10 for non-members.

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