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Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches

This three hour module intends to develop a vocabulary in coaches to understand how to articulate a three phase breakdown of the performers needs.

Firstly the accurate breakdown of the type of paddling in focus, secondly complete a performance profile of a paddler and thirdly to construct a development plan to move the paddler accurately forward in the desired context. This ambition is not a narrow one and might be based purely on a desire to be a ‘better’ paddler physically, skilfully or mentally or it may have competitive intentions. For instance it could be based on a future holiday trip for which fitness is an issue, a first attempt at a slalom event or the Exe decent or it may be that the jump to the next class of water needs a stronger mental attitude, which at the moment is lacking. The detail will be closely aligned to chapters 2 and 18 of the coaching handbook.

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By the end of this workshop participants should have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • The accurate science based description of the activity in focus i.e. DW long distance, 24-hour aerobic and endurance event
  • Terminology in the context of physiological profiling
  • Terminology in the context of skill based profiling
  • Terminology in the context of psychological or mental profiling
  • Periodisation and its application in improving performance
  • Some of the age and gender issues when improving performers
  • The key issue of prioritisation or targeting weaknesses

NOTE: The ability of a coach to accurately profile a paddler and then using a judgment based on priority and ambition to create a development plan underpinned by training and sports science principles is invaluable to the coaching world. This module will identify the basic vocabulary necessary to complete the above. Using sports science and accurate terminology based on current best practice. The level of this module is intended to be the initial attempt of a coach to assess and plan for development of a paddler. The emphasis in this short module is to describe the type of activity involved in accurately; assessing the profile of the performer matched against the activity and develop a coherent development plan or schedule to allow for improvement. This is the initial step in organising performance development

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This is a land-based module delivered in three hours of contact time.

Participants should be prepared to participate in practical activities as part of this course. The Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches Foundation Module is an attendance course and there is no formal assessment.

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On completion of the Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches Foundation Module the course provider will submit successful participants for certification.

British Canoeing will then issue an attendance certificate subject to a certification fee of £5 for British Canoeing members or £10 for non-members.

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