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Performance Coach

The Performance Coach (Level 3) Award develops on the progressive coaching skills gained at the Coach Award and trains the coach to plan, deliver, and review long term coaching programmes.

Please note, the existing Performance Coach Award will be replaced on the 29th June 2020 by the NEW Performance Coach Award. Please click here to read more. 

The Performance Coach course is aimed at coaches working predominantly with paddlers in their intermediate years of paddling activity, i.e. the Train to Train, Train to Perform and Recreational Phases.

The qualification is discipline specific and currently available in Open Canoe, White Water Kayak, Sea, Surf, Slalom, Sprint Racing and Marathon Racing. Candidates can also choose to undertake the qualification as either a bank-based or a boat-based coach.

Please see the Awarding Body website for the course documents.


If you already meet these prerequisites, register now using your Membership Portal or use the Registration Guidance button for further information.

Performance Coach Courses

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Expand Registration

Coaches pursuing the Performance Coach Award will need to register directly with British Canoeing or their respective Home Nation Association.

Registration is required twice; once for Core training and once for Discipline Specific Training. It is advisable to do this at least 2-weeks prior to the training course.

Core Training Registration

In order to register for the Core Coach Training, a candidate must be 18 years old or above, hold Full Home Nation membership, and at least ONE of the following:

  • Level 2 (UKCC) Training (4-days)
  • Level 2 Coach (UKCC)
  • Coach Award Core and Discipline Specific Training
  • Coach Award Core Training and a Moderate or Advanced Water Endorsement Training
  • A Moderate or Advanced Water Endorsement
  • Level 3 Coach (pre-UKCC), plus one of the following:
    • Coaching Processes Course
    • 2-day Level 2 (UKCC) Transfer Course
    • Coach Award Core Training
  • Level 5 Coach

Note:  that there is no time limit on when these were completed. 

The registration fee for Core Coach Training is £17.50

British Canoeing Performance Coach Core Training Fee is £360

Discipline Specific Registration

At the point of registration for the Discipline Specific Training, candidates must be 18 years old or above, hold Full Home Nation membership and are required hold the following;

At the point of registration the following prerequisites are required:

Note that Canoe Training requires qualifications that cover both Open Water & WW (i.e. Level 3 (pre-UKCC), MWE, or both Open Water and White Water Canoe Coach)     

The registration fee for Discipline Specific Training is £39

British Canoeing Performance Coach Discipline Specific Training Fee is £320

Competition Disciplines:

  • Performance Coach (Level 3) Core Training completed within last 2 years, OR Updated (UKCC) Performance (Level 3) Coach in another discipline
  • A Discipline Specific Coaching Qualification: Level 3 (pre-UKCC), DSM Part-2, or Coach Award
  • Have completed the following Intermediate Modules;
    • Optimising Fitness and Performance 1
    • Optimising Fitness and Performance 2
    • Coaching the Mind

OR Have completed one of the above Intermediate Modules and are a Level 3 Coach in the relevant discipline (Slalom or Racing)

  • Personal Skills: Coaches working towards a boat-based award are required to evidence personal skills performance as listed below
  • Safety Training: As listed below

The registration fee for Discipline Specific Training is £39

Personal Performance and Safety Training: Coaches working towards a competition discipline British Canoeing (UKCC) Level 3 as a boat-based coach are required to evidence personal skills in the relevant discipline as indicated below. Bank- and Boat-based coaches are required to complete the listed Safety Training;

Canoe Slalom:


  • Personal Skills: Junior National Team; Divisions 2,3 (Men); Divisions 4 (Women and C1); sub 19 hours DW Time (Men); Sub 21 Hours DW Time (women). Or higher.
  • Safety Training: Foundation Safety and Rescue Training


Where competition performance is required ranking must be held at the particular level (or above) for a minimum of two years. Evidence can be taken from Ranking Lists, Yearbooks, or race results.

Expand Course Content

The Performance Coach content is delivered through the Core Training and Discipline Specific courses.

The Core Training programme provides candidates with the tools to plan, deliver, and review long-term coaching programmes in their specialist discipline. It provides an in-depth look at the coaching process in the context of intermediate and long-term coaching, and includes aspects of the following;

  • The roles and responsibilities of a Performance Coach
  • To be able to safely deliver a series of 12 pre-planned discipline specific sessions over the course of a year
  • Consolidation of and advancement of the British Canoeing Coach Award coaching processes
  • Develop coaching process to promote long-term learning for candidates
  • To profile and create a plan to aid a learners development
  • To develop participants performance at an intermediate level
  • To deliver sessions where candidates individualised needs are identified and coached
  • Effective use of coaching behaviours
  • Evaluate and analyse participant’s performance
  • Review strategies for coaching and performance

The Discipline Specific training provides an applied looking at the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the coaching process and the technical and tactical skills required to effectively coach boat handling techniques and manoeuvres in the context of the chosen discipline

For more information on the content covered in the Performance Coach programme please read the Course Guide.

Expand Course Structure

The learning programme for Performance Coach candidates is split into four distinct parts; Core Training, Supplementary Programme, Discipline Specific Training and Assessment.

The Core Training involves three days of contact time and is typically delivered over consecutive days. On completion of the Core Training candidates have up to two years to progress to Discipline Specific Training, during which they are required to complete a supplementary programme of prerequisites.

The Supplementary Programme structures development between Core Training and Discipline Specific training and ensures rounded learning and knowledge across the range of Performance Coach technical, tactical, physiological, psychological competencies.

The Discipline Specific Training involves two days of contact time also typically delivered on consecutive days. On completion of the Discipline Specific Training candidates have a further two years to complete their Portfolio and present themselves for assessment.

Expand Assessment & Certification

The Assessment is conducted in two parts; an Assessment Portfolio and a Final Assessment Day.

Before presenting for Assessment, the Performance Coach candidate must ensure that the following are in place:

  • Performance Coach Core Coach Training completed
  • Performance Coach Discipline Training completed within the last two years
  • Valid Two-Day First Aid Certificate
  • Completed tasks in Candidate Assessment Portfolio
  • Comprehensive/Full Home Nation Association Membership

The Assessment Portfolio contains six assessment tasks that are completed by the candidate between attending Discipline Specific Training and the Final Assessment Day.

Task 1 Indirect Assessment of Coaching Skills

Task 2 Associated Logged Experience

Task 3 Syllabus Understanding

Task 4 Mentored Coaching Review

Task 5 Mentoring Others

Task 6 Critical Analysis of Annual Plan

The Final Assessment Day includes a further three direct, practical assessment tasks:

Task 7 Direct Coaching Assessment (Incorporating safety management and leadership)

Task 8 Questioning

Task 9 Personal Skills (boat-based candidates only)

During this day the candidates can coach either long term or unknown candidates. The assessor will observe a minimum of two, hour-long coaching sessions.

Upon successful completion of each of these tasks the course provider will recommend the candidate for certification. Certificates are typically received from the Awarding Body within six to eight weeks of submittal of the paperwork to the relevant Home Nation.

British Canoeing Performance Coach Assessment fee is £250


If you already meet these prerequisites, register now using your Membership Portal or use the Registration Guidance button for further information.

Performance Coach Courses

Head over to the Canoe Near You look up and find Performance Coach courses near you.