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Paddle-Ability (Intermediate)

This module is aimed at coaches and volunteers who are currently, or are interested in, working with disabled paddlers.

The aim of the module is to alter coaches’ perceptions about people with disabilities and their own attitude towards this sector of the population. Coaches should consider how they may obtain the best out of people with disabilities through a combination of their knowledge of the sport, adaptive equipment and the needs of disabled people.

Paddle-Ability (Intermediate) Courses

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Delivered over six hours, this module builds on the background knowledge obtained in the Foundation Module and provides coaches with further knowledge to enable them to better coach people with disabilities.

The module includes teaching styles, aspects of the environment and Health and Safety that a coach needs to be aware of to deliver effective sessions to people with disabilities.

By the end of this workshop participants should have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Describe the likely requirements of differing groups of people with disabilities
  • Describe the different communication/delivery styles that are appropriate for different disability groups
  • Describe, select and make minor modifications to the different equipment that is available to maximise the abilities of people with various disabilities
  • List the Health and Safety issues when working with people with disabilities, particularly in relation to manual handling and rescues
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This module includes water-based elements and is delivered in 6 hours of contact time.

The Paddle-Ability Intermediate Module is an attendance course and there is no formal assessment.

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Upon completion of this Intermediate Module the course provider will submit successful participants for certification.

British Canoeing will then issue an attendance certificate subject to a certification fee of £5 for British Canoeing members or £10 for non-members.

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Paddle-Ability (Intermediate) Courses

Head over to the Canoe Near You look up and find Paddle-Ability (Intermediate) courses near you.