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Coaching the Mind (Intermediate)

This module is aimed at coaches, parents and paddlers who are interested in using psychology to improve performance in paddlesport.

It is recommended that participants have either completed the Foundation Module Coaching the Mind, or have previous experience/knowledge of basic sport psychology including mental skills training, concentration, imagery and arousal.

​This was an absolutely fascinating workshop which cemented a deeper understanding of the role and relevance of sports psychology in paddlesports coaching.

– Andy Maxted, Level 4 Canoe & Kayak Coach​

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The module begins with a quick recap of the topics covered in the Coaching the Mind Foundation Module, it then moves on to explore attentional focus, imagery, and arousal. Individual analysis methods, the use of self-talk and pre-performance routines are discussed, and explained. While performance profiling tools and the use of goal setting are also covered. The module finishes by exploring motivational factors, motivational climate and attributions. By the end of this workshop participants should have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Reflect on and develop an understanding of performance and arousal
  • Discuss application of control strategies such as attentional focus and imagery
  • Explore factors and influences of personal motivation and how coaches can influence the motivational climate
  • Investigate how personal thought can influence behaviour
  • Discuss applications and limitations of performance enhancement techniques including self-talk and pre performance routines
  • Discuss methods and purpose of ‘getting to know’ your performers
  • Explore strategies of performer development including goal setting and performance profiling
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The module is delivered over 6 hours and uses a variety of methods of interaction that include; discussions, activity, demonstrations, small tasks and is an active learning environment.

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Upon completion of this Intermediate Module the course provider will submit successful participants for certification. British Canoeing will then issue an attendance certificate subject to a certification fee of £5 for British Canoeing members or £10 for non-members.

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