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Cadet Leader

The Cadet Leader Award encourages young people into leadership roles through training provided at their own Club or Centre.

British Canoeing has launched the Paddlesport Activity Assistant, an endorsement recognised by British Canoeing to support clubs, organisations and volunteers and supports the delivery of paddlesport activities by developing volunteers. Due to the cross over with the Cadet Leader Award, British Canoeing will be removing the Cadet Leader option. 

Candidates who have already started their Cadet Leader Award have until 31st July 2018 to complete their award. 

Paddlesport Activity Assistant

Expand Paddlesport Activity Assistant

The Paddlesport Activity Assistant (PAA) is an endorsement recognised by British Canoeing to support clubs, organisations and volunteers. Paddlesport Activity Assistants can facilitate activity at any time; within the lines of their organisations' Standard Operating Procedures.

The endorsement is targeted towards volunteers, aged 14 and over, within a paddlesport setting to support the menu of activities an organisation has on offer. The Paddlesport Activity Assistant can be for existing volunteers or new volunteers. There is no required previous experience and training and support will be provided through the mentoring from the Paddlesport Activity Assistant Coordinators.

Full details of the Paddlesport Activity Assistant can be found under the Coaching section of the website

Expand Cadet Leader Assessment & Certification

Assessment of competence is done on an on-going basis rather than formal assessment situations with the coach signing off each section of the log book as the cadet meets/achieves the relevant requirements.

Once the cadet has completed the syllabus their logbook should be signed by the coach supervising their training and returned to British Canoeing for certification.

Note that the award is only valid for the Club/Organisation where the Cadet completed the award. If the cadet moves to another Club there is an additional short module to complete to help them learn about the safety and ways of operating at their new club.

Paddlesport Activity Assistant