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White Water Rafting

Experience the thrills, spills and adrenaline pumping challenge of white water for yourself. White Water Rafting provides you with the excitement and challenge of white water.

White Water Rafting emerged following the Second World War when enterprising adventurers in America realised that they could take unwanted inflatable rubber pontoons and use them as a means of descending some of the country’s most challenging white water.

Today that concept has grown with the development of specialist white water rafts, introductory rafting sessions, and expeditions to an ever growing number of enthusiasts.

Get into White Water Rafting

Enjoy the challenge of a white knuckle ride… the escapism and adventure of remote river journeys and… the competitive challenge of being part of the fastest team. Having a go has never been easier with many opportunities either here at home or abroad. There are clubs and watersports centres all over the country, and some clubs are able to offer raft training sessions.

Want to race?

If you are bitten by the competitive challenge then check out the opportunities offered by the British Raft Race Series, an open rafting event aimed at keen rafters of all ages and ability levels. The British selection event has a range of age groups for men and women, why not create your own team and challenge for national and international honours? For more information please visit