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Surf Kayak

Anyone can take their kayak to the beach and have a play in the surf and British paddlers have been doing just that, all around the UK, for decades. Most people will have their first surf using whatever boat they currently own and the flat bottomed, edgy river and play boats of today are great for surfing. Those who really get into the sport will progress to surfing custom surf kayaks and ski’s, designed for speed and maneuverability. So whether you enjoy the odd surfing trip with friends or want to build your skills and perhaps have a go at a competition then find out more from England Surf Kayak.

Where to go?

We have some great surfing locations all around the British Isles. The Atlantic coastline of Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Ireland and Scotland together with the North Sea coastline of Scotland and Northern England provide the majority of the UK’s surf spots but you’ll find a wave to surf off just about any coastline in the UK. Use the internet and printed Surfing guides to give you local information and advice.

You can find out more information about Surf Kayaking on the Surf Kayak England website here. 

Getting started

If you are completely new to surf kayaking then it might be worth getting a few hints from one of the many British Canoeing surf kayaking coaches and leaders around the UK. Find out as much as possible before you head out into the water, educate yourself or get some training on how to surf safely, how to recognise dangerous conditions and the etiquette of surfing with others. There are books, websites, videos’s, fellow paddlers and coaches that can help. 

You can find out more information about Surf Kayaking on the Surf Kayak England website here. 

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Your normal paddling kit will be fine. But remember that all surf kayakers will capsize at times and will need to be able to swim or wade ashore. Kayaks should always have airbags fitted and handles or straps to hold onto. Drysuits are lovely and warm but can be difficult to swim in where as wetsuits are sleek, warm, buoyant and are made for swimming. Wearing a Buoyancy Aid and Helmet are recommended and compulsory in any competition. As you surf more you’ll appreciate what you and your kayak are capable of and if you want to advance further you may think about a customised surf kayak or ski.

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Recreation or Competition

Everyone surfs for fun. Lots of people do this with friends and club members and others enjoy doing this in a competition. Competitions are run at every level, from introductory events right up to World Championships. The best thing about competitions is that you’ll see and learn from other surf kayaks and get ideas of the skills that you want to develop.

Training and Qualifications

British Canoeing have a number of personal performance awards for Surfing, there are also awards for Surf Leaders and Surf Coaches. There are development courses run around the country for clubs, individuals and teams. 

Go to the England Surf Kayaking facebook page or website here for more information and links to events, courses, coaches and manufactures that are all keen to help.