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Surf Kayak

Surf kayak is an exciting and challenging form of paddlesports. Appealing to both non-competitive and competitive instincts, surfing is a sport in its own right, not merely an option to consider when rivers are low. The key to this change has been the evolution from green wave surfing to the accurate riding of a shouldering wave. This is, in essence, surfing in exactly the same way as other surf users.

Although competent boat handers will, with input, quickly make the transition to surf, there is a different set of techniques and skills required to surf accurately and have credibility amongst the wider surf community.

Increasing reputation

Surfing credibility has made massive leaps in recent years with top paddlers holding their own on small wave beach breaks as well as on the more challenging conditions offered by the points, reefs, and larger surf locations around the world. The development of boats has greatly assisted this accuracy. The relatively small, flat-bottomed play boats are now closer to a surf board than ever before.

These advances allow the true form of Surfing to be realised, riding the shoulder of a peeling wave, using the potential energy to carve and slash the boat in all directions. The combination of freestyle, white water skills and the finesse and timing of a board surfer is bringing the world of surf canoeing to a bigger and more enthusiastic audience.

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