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This section summarises the key responsibilities of the selection committee, the team manager and British Canoeing staff. The responsibilities highlight good practice, however discipline committees may subdivide and delegate further.

Selection Committee

  1. Elected/ appointed by the discipline committee. This will also include a Chair of selectors.
  2. Are required to be impartial in their selection.
  3. Will set the required number of selection/assessment events to coincide with the international calendar and also their preferred venues.

  4. Will adhere to the selection policy.

  5. Chair of selectors will inform, as soon as possible after the selection has been made, the committee/ nominated representative of the team to share with athletes and parents and compile the entries.  British Canoeing will be informed to advertise the selection.

Team Manager

  1. Responsible for all communication.
  2. Will copy all relevant stakeholders on correspondence

  3. Will inform athletes, parents/guardians with the relevant information 

  4. Set up a shared folder for each trip containing all the required information 

  5. Investigate visa/entry requirements with the assistance of BC. 

  6. Inform BC of the team selection in order for them to enter the team into the ICF entry system.

  7. Book the flights, ferries, hotels, meals including highlighting any dietary issues or concerns.

  8. Arrange any car hire.

  9. Liaise with the Treasurer on costs and reimbursements.

  10. Select a team of volunteer staff including drivers, chaperones etc. and ensure that they all have the necessary prerequisites eg, safeguarding, first aid, DBS, anti-doping, driving and trailer licences. 

  11. Arrange with the Event organiser on flight transfers and transport from airport to hotel/hotel to event venue.

  12. Liaise with British Canoeing in order to book the minibus and trailer for all required events. Discuss dates with the team-leader.

  13. Arrange for any issue of kit as soon as possible after the selection is announced to account for any kit needing to be ordered.

  14. Supervise booking-in of team at airports including dealing with lost baggage etc and ensure paddles are bundled/labelled correctly and checked in.

  15. During the event be the main contact between the team and the organisation.

British Canoeing

  1. Enter the numeric and nominal entries onto the ICF system.
  2. Payment of accreditation fees (approval will be needed from relevant Discipline committee representatives).

  3. Validate the Safeguarding and DBS qualifications of the Team Leader and Support Staff to ensure compliance.

  4. Coordinate Clean Sport workshops to ensure all athletes (and Team Staff) are educated in anti-doping.

  5. Assist on any visa/entry requirements for athletes/support staff.

  6. Coordinate insurance booking with insurance broker for athletes and appointed Team Staff.

  7. Order kit through central supplier in line with agreed timelines.

  8. Share up to date versions of:

    • BC code of conduct.

    • BC athletes contact details.

    • Passport details.

    • Anti-doping letter.