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Sports Presentation

As well as delivering a quality activity, it is important that it is well presented so that people can understand and enjoy it.

Sports Pres Smaller


There are a few things that can be useful in helping to build the atmosphere around an event including:

  • Speakers

  • Microphone – to make announcements and/or commentary

  • Music playing device (e.g. laptop/tablet/phone)

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It is worth considering a few things prior to the event to make sure you can use these things effectively:

  • Where will they be positioned and do you need access to power, connectivity or shelter from the weather?

  • Make sure there is access to wi-fi or data or that music has been downloaded

  • Make sure that the music is suitable for the people attending

  • Who will be the voice of the event - they need to be comfortable conveying a variety of messages or interactions

  • Ensure that any emergency communications can be communicated, e.g. the venue system can override or be heard over the event PA


The vast majority of events will not need any licenses for music or entertainment.  However, this is something that is worth checking, particularly if you have a large event. This can be done via the government website

Key Messaging

Once you have the equipment you need, it’s worth thinking about the messages you want to put across during the day.

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This can include:

  • Briefings for participants

  • Details about activities and timetabling

  • Commentary on what is happening during the activity

  • Announcing winners and presenting medals

  • Thank you’s – venue, volunteers, partners, sponsors

  • Encouraging people to post their photos on social media