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On the Day

Ideally on the day of an event, as an organsier your role will be to oversee the event and to ensure that everything is going to plan. There will always be situations that need to be managed during the day so being available to deal with them is useful if possible. If the planning has gone well, there’s a good team of people supporting the event and there aren’t too many issues that occur, then you may actually feel like you aren’t too busy during the day but don’t worry - that’s often a sign that everything's going well!

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During the day there are some key responsibilities that you may take on or ensure that others are doing. These include:

  • Arriving early on site to ensure the venue is open and things are in place (once others are on site you might not have time to do your checks)

  • Ensure all equipment is set up and safe prior to the start

  • Ensure that key volunteer roles are filled and people are briefed

  • Act as a main point of contact for the venue, suppliers and partners

  • Manage any situations that arise and make sure others are aware of any effects they may have, e.g. if competition is delayed, do caterers need to know that lunch may be behind schedule?

  • Ensure that the event is running smoothly and that all partners are happy

  • Thanking partners for their involvement in the event

  • Ensure all equipment is taken down and the site is cleared at the end of the event

  • Ensure the venue is clean and tidy before leaving the site