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English Coaching Network

Coaching in England is split into regions to ensure coaches are represented and supported across the country. Each region is headed up by a Regional Coaching Representative (RCR). Regions are further split into areas, which are represented by Area Coaching Representatives (ACRs). RCRs and ACRs play a vital role in supporting coaches throughout the regions and are the primary source of information to find out what is happening coaching-wise in your area.

Area Coaching Representatives

ACRs provide a first level of support for coach members and clubs in the local area. They form an important link between coaches, RCRs and the English Coaching Service, helping to provide feedback and identifying development opportunities. ACRs support the provision of the Coach Update Forums and actively participate in the National and Regional Volunteer Forums, representing the views and issues of local coaches. For further information about coaching in your region, please see our Coaching Representatives page.

Regional Coaching Representatives

RCRs co-ordinate the provision of coaching related support in the region, forming a vital link between the ACRs and the English Coaching Service. RCRs represent the coaching needs and issues at the English Coaching Management Committee and Regional Development Team meetings and actively taking the lead of the English Coaching Objectives within the region. For further information, please see our Coaching Representative page.

English Coaching Management Committee

The English Coaching Management Committee provides an effective and unified Coaching Service in England. It has the dual function of delivering coaching in England and helping to develop UK coaching policy.

The English Coaching Management Committee is composed of 13 voting representatives to ensure integrated representation across the sport: Chair, Vice-Chair, six RCRs (although all are invited to attend), a representative from Outdoor Centres and four competition representatives.

If you have any matters for the English Coaching Management Committee please direct them to your Regional Coaching Representative or Competition Coaching Representative.

For more information please see the ECMC Terms of Reference