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Coach Update Scheme

As a coach, you’ll recognise you need to continually maintain your skills to reflect current best practice in coaching paddlesport. Our Coach Update Scheme recognises those coaches who meet the criteria required for keeping up to date.

Coach Update Scheme

Meeting the above criteria demonstrates that as a coach you are committed to remaining up to date with current best practice in safety, coaching skills and personal development and meet the coaching standards required of a British Canoeing coach.


Maintaining full membership of British Canoeing is a core aspect of the Coach Update Scheme. Holding such membership provides civil liability insurance and a range of other benefits. Find out more about the membership.

First Aid Training

Holding a recognised and valid First Aid certificate demonstrates your commitment to this aspect of the Coach Update Scheme. British Canoeing believes that First Aid is an essential skill for all Paddlesport Coaches and Leaders and that they have a responsibility to maintain a current first aid award to ensure they can look after paddlers in their care. See our First Aid Policy for full details. This does not apply to Paddlesport Instructors working under direct supervision.

Please send a copy of your certificate to [email protected] to update your record. 

Safeguarding Training

You should complete Safeguarding Training course as a demonstration of your commitment to protecting everyone who participates in paddlesport. Who you are coaching determines the level of training required. See our Safeguarding area for details of training requirements and a list of recognised training courses.

Please send a copy of your certificate to [email protected] to update your record. 

Please note, from 30th September, changes to safeguarding training requirements will be implemented. Please click here to view the changes.

Continuous Personal Development (CPD)

British Canoeing considers it best practice for coaches to pursue regular development of their knowledge, skills and understanding in the following areas:

  • Coaching Aspects: Developing your technical abilities (what to coach), understanding the coaching process (how to coach), and assessing abilities.
  • Safe Practice: Keeping you up to date with water safety, risk management and current legislation and guidelines on ensuring the safety of participants

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To fulfil the CPD aspect of the Coach Update Scheme, you should show active involvement with CPD in both of the above areas in every three year period. We appreciate that you may choose to develop yourself through a variety of means, and seek to recognise formal, non-formal and informal development by the following routes:

  1. Participation in a recognised course: We have reviewed a selection of training courses and published a list of Recognised CPD Courses. This includes both British Canoeing courses as well as courses run by established external partners. Where you have attended one or more of the courses from this list your CPD validity can be extended for either 1.5 or 3 years.
  2. Participation at a Coaching Matters event: To support your development British Canoeing through the Coaching Representatives offers a series of Coaching Matters events. These provide development opportunities within your local area. Participation at one of these events will automatically extend your CPD validity from the date of the event.
  3. Application for Recognition of CPD: You may register other development programmes you have completed, including mentored practice, site-specific training etc. Using our Application for Recognition of CPD Form.

If you are organising an event which provides an opportunity for coaches to develop in the areas of Coaching Aspects and Safe Practice, and would like the event to be recognised as a CPD opportunity, please contact us to register the event.