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Coaching & Leadership Conference

NEW for 2018, British Canoeing are excited to announce that the 2018 UK Coaching and Leadership Conference will take place on the 17th & 18th February at the excellent facilities offered by Eastwood Hall, Nottinghamshire.

The Saturday programme offers delegates the opportunity to attend 4 keynotes, each focused on Coaching, Leadership, Guiding and Performance. On the Sunday, delegates can select from a range of workshops including Guide modules, First Aid workshop to Provider Moderation's. 

For last minute bookings, please call Natasha Devonshire, Coaching Support Officer on 0115 896 8822.

NEW for 2018, British Canoeing is delighted to include an evening story from the recently returned team ‘Canoeing Around Britain’, an interactive internet café to explore the British Canoeing eLearning, a Level 4 hub to get your questions answered and the presentation of the Coaching & Leadership Recognition Awards!

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2016 Coach Conference

The 2016 Coach Conference took place on the 19th and 20th November, featuring a range of keynotes and workshops around the theme 'Coaching Chaos - making sense of the Coach's Learning Journey'. 

The focus of the weekend was to celebrate and investigate the complex journey a coach undertakes to develop their craft.

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With a host of guest speakers, workshop leaders and exhibitors throughout the two days, attendees were able to network, listen to presentations and actively get stuck in to the practical sessions on the Sunday.

Coaching is complex; to develop and make sense in a reflective manner takes a considerable time and exposure, working with others, mentoring, being part of a community and continual professional development are all ways we can start to develop our coaching craft. Professor John Lyle set the scene and invited attendees to explore ‘Crafting Knowledge - Developing Expertise’ providing an insight into research as well as practical applications. John promoted and supported that knowledge research had its limitations and application research was essential in the development of our experience.

Throughout the first day various presentations and workshops followed the theme with Dr. Bill Taylor discussing the Coach as Educator, Ed Christian and Matt Berry from Chichester University exploring the Coaches Journey and Doug Cooper from Glenmore Lodge examining how to create the Optimal Environment to support learning and performance.

Before the social conference dinner, Martin Chester provided an engaging presentation looking at the multi-dimensional view of participants needs and how we as coaches can engage with performers and athletes.

'We love getting out of our comfort zone and pushing ourselves... I think it’s the best thing in the world to stretch yourself as a coach. If you really want to know what it’s like for your paddlers, go and do something that scares you'. Martin Chester

On day two of the Coach Conference, attendees were given the option to continue exploring the themes from day one of the programme or to attend the Discipline Support Modules on the water at the National Water Sports Centre.

Despite the weather and torrential rain, the modules went ahead and by mid-day, to the delight of attendees and workshop leaders, they were treated to calm winds and blue skies. Modules delivered included Stand Up Paddleboard with National Trainer Darren Sherwood, assisted by Chris Brain and Scott Harrand, using a variety craft from racing, general purpose and crew craft.

Polo coach Zoe Anthony delivered an up-beat and energetic session at the purpose built Polo facility providing coaches with an insight into the progressive sessions and strategies that a coach can adopt to introduce polo to paddlers.

Marathon, Sprint and Slalom Discipline Support Modules were facilitated by Mike Chandler, British Canoeing Performance Coach Manager, Russell Smith, Slalom Coach and Richard Ward from Exeter Marathon Canoe Club. 

A stimulating event and great opportunity to network and catch up with old friends.

– 2016 Coach Conference Delegate

2015 Highlights

The 2015 Coach Conference held on the 21st-22nd November and hosted by Cranage Hall, explored the theme ‘The Multidimensional Role of a Coach'. Thank you to all the coaches who were involved in making this event so memorable.

The conference featured keynote presentations from Loel Collins who explored ‘Decision Making and Judgment in Paddlesport Coaching’, drawing on the findings of a 5 year study into coaching adventure sports, specifically paddlesports, and also Sonja Jones and Chris Brain, who explored their journey to freedom. 12 months after Sonja developed MS, with the help of her coach Chris Brain, they paddled Scotland Coast to Coast in just 3 days. They proved that with the right determination and the right coach, anything is possible.

Across the weekend, 25 workshops looked into the many roles of a coach, including workshops focusing on older paddlers, talent identification, women’s coaching and whether learning styles are fact or fiction. The Sunday programme featured on the water workshops, including the Polo Discipline Support Module.

Throughout the day, delegates had to opportunity to speak to exhibitors including representatives from Peak UK Kayaking, Palm Equipment Ltd, Hou Canoes and Pyranha, to name a few.

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