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Accredited Prior Learning

British Canoeing recognises that many aspirant coaches, leaders and providers and those wishing to transfer from other award systems or other countries may bring relevant experiences and qualifications to their role from other sports, countries and learning opportunities, and offers an Accredited Prior Learning (APL) service.

Accredited Prior Learning Service

The APL Service is free to British Canoeing and Home Nation members and will consider other, nationally recognised, professional awards and will recognise training and assessment schemes other than its own where they are identifiable as being of equal or higher standard.

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Submitting an Application

There is an Administration Fee of £25 for non-members which is payable on submission of the application form. This fee is non-refundable for unsuccessful applications.

Process and Outcomes

The APL Applications are reviewed on an individual basis and make a decision based on the evidence supplied. The applicant will be notified in writing of the result.

Where the application provides sufficient verifiable evidence to show prior learning at or above the relevant level, APL may be awarded.

Where there is insufficient evidence to support equivalency the application APL will be declined.

The APL Panel does not award certificates. Where an applicant wishes to achieve an award they may be granted APL for the training but will need to complete the assessment in order to obtain certification.

Appeals Procedure

An applicant may appeal the decision of the APL Panel. In such cases a written appeal should be forwarded to your Home Nation APL Coordinator, with a fee of £50. If the appeal is upheld, the fee will be refunded. British Canoeing members should email or post applications to APL Coordinator, British Canoeing, National Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Holme Pierrepont, Nottinghamshire, NG12 2LU.

Recognised Alternatives

Please see the British Canoeing Awarding Body website for the Canoeing Ireland Equivalence Document and the Safety Awards Equivalency Document.

Competition Experience against Star Award Requirements

Where there is a requirement to hold a Star Award as a prerequisite of becoming a ‘Boat Based’ Coach an appropriate ranking or status within their competition discipline can be used as an alternative. The competition status does not give the paddler the star award itself, it is only recognised for the purposes of equivalency in respect to the prerequisite standards required to become a coach.