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New for 2020

The NEW Performance Coach provides well practiced coaches the opportunity to further develop and refine their coaching practices and to enhance their ability to use sophisticated coaching practices to improve the performance and long-term development of the paddlers they coach. 

Expand NEW Performance Coach

NEW Performance Coach

The Performance Coach Award is an ideal programme for intrinsically driven, experienced coaches, who want to get better at coaching the paddlers they work with, and for those who seek recognition that their delivery meets enhanced levels of sophistication.

The learning journey is fluid and personalised to every coach who undertakes the programme. The key components of the award are the same but as an experienced coach, you will steer the direction and focus of your learning, in areas that are most relevant to you.

The Performance Coach Award will be available in 21 pathways, across all of our main disciplines and environments. There is no workbook or portfolio to complete

The new qualification will be available from 29th June 2020

For full details, please visit the British Canoeing Awarding Body website which includes the 'Performance Coach Announcement' document, 'Pre-release Course Guide' and 'FAQs' document. 

Performance Coach Fees

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  • Registration and Mentoring (covering all registration costs and the 3 mentored sessions) = £135
  • Community of Learning event (covering 2 day residential event including meals and accommodation) = £300
  • Assessment (1:1 bespoke assessment) = £350 

Total cost £785.

Expand Aspirant or Existing Performance Coaches

Aspirant or Existing Performance Coaches

The NEW Performance Coach Award will be available from 29th June 2020 and we know that existing or aspirant Performance Coaches will be wondering how this impacts them.

Existing Performance Coaches / UKCC Level 3 Coaches

Simply, the changes do not affect current Performance Coaches / UKCC Level 3 Coaches. Any qualification taken with British Canoeing will remain recognised, as long as it meets your group’s demands and the environmental conditions.

Aspirant Performance Coaches

Candidates currently working through their Performance Coach qualification have been contacted to discuss their options. Please refer to the ‘Advice for Coaches transferring to the Performance Coach’ document. Aspirant Performance Coaches may choose to complete their qualification in the existing system or move to the new system. Existing candidates will be able to use parts of their training to bypass the new components. 

Please see the 'Advice for coaches who are part way through the Performance Coach programme' document for further guidance, which can be found on the British Canoeing Awarding Body website.

Expand Questions about the new Award?

Questions about the new Award?

We know many existing Performance Coaches and paddlers will have questions about the NEW qualification and how this may impact their pathway/journey. Most of this information (and more) is in the ‘Performance Coach Announcement (January 2020)’.

There is a full list of questions and answers in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document.

For further details about the NEW Performance Coach Award, please view the ‘NEW for 2020’ section of the British Canoeing Awarding Body website.

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Expand Community of Learning Events

Community of Learning Events

Our Community of Learning Events are opportunities to explore Performance Coaching and how this relates to ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ you coach. The events will give you a chance to interact with other highly skilled coaches from a range of disciplines to explore, develop and refine your thinking about your coaching practices.

Your peers and the facilitators will both support and challenge you during this event to feed your curiosity; stimulating you to explore and stretch new ideas in your coaching, whilst also helping you refine your existing practices.

For further details, including the prerequisites, course programme and booking information, please follow the links below -

Each Community of Learning event takes place over two days, includes meals and accommodation and costs £300.