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New for 2019

The NEW Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose.

The NEW Paddlesport Instructor award is designed for people whose main focus is to deliver paddlesport taster/starter sessions and short journeys in very sheltered water environments, within the safety management systems of clubs/centres or other organisations. Click here to read more about the NEW Paddlesport Instructor

The NEW Introduction to Paddle-Ability workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to develop their understanding of working with paddlers with a disability. 

Expand NEW Personal Performance Awards

NEW Personal Performance Awards

The awards allow paddlers to improve their skills, working towards the award of their choice, developing their decision making and fundamental skills. There are no dual discipline awards and all of the awards are direct entry, giving the paddler choice.

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Paddle Awards: Designed to develop enjoyment, safety and skills for those new to Paddlesport

The three Paddle Awards are for those getting into a boat for the first time, enabling them to feel confident in their chosen craft in a sheltered water environment. The awards help empower the paddler, enabling them to start their lifelong journey into paddlesport. 

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Discipline Specific Pathway Awards

  • Each of the 12 disciplines has three awards.
  • Five new disciplines have been introduced including Stand Up Paddleboard, Polo, Racing, Rafting and Slalom, which means there is something for everyone. With a range of different environments and crafts, this enables the individual to make choices on the type of craft and environment they wish to paddle.
  • All of the awards are direct entry. Paddlers can choose which award they would like to work towards, developing their skills and decision making.
  • The awards provide appropriate milestones and acknowledgement of personal skills, setting up the paddler appropriately for British Canoeing Coaching and Leadership qualifications.
  • There are no age restrictions for any of the awards. Providers should check paddlers’ suitability, as well as having appropriate mechanisms for anyone under 18.
  • All of the awards have been created and written with the paddler at the heart of the content and creating self-directed learning, empowerment and ownership. 

Please see the British Canoeing Awarding Body for full details of the Course Content.

Click to view the Discipline Awards

Full details of the content of the awards are available from Autumn 2018 or please see the following links to find out more about the disciplines. 

We'll be sharing these over the next few months so keep an eye on the British Canoeing website!

Approach and Ethos Behind the NEW Personal Performance Awards

Aligned with the British Educational Philosophy, the awards provide autonomy for both the individual and Provider, enabling progression and development, embracing individualisation and empowering the paddler.

Achieving a Personal Performance Award

There are many ways a paddler can work towards achieving a Personal Performance Award. 

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An individual tries canoeing at a holiday camp, develops their skills and is awarded the Paddle Start certificate. The individual is keen to develop their skills further and finds their local club to undertake the Paddle Discover Award.

Paddlers may be out for a day trip on the sea or on the river and demonstrate their understanding and skills and be awarded a Personal Performance Award.

Club paddlers could use the awards as part of a series of sessions, developing their skills and understanding along the way.

An individual paddler can use the awards as a guide, to promote self-learning.

Paddlers could opt for bespoke training at their local centre, using the award as a checklist and then enlist a Provider to check they meet the requirements.

Racing, Polo, Slalom or Wild Water Racing paddlers can use the awards as progressive milestones in gaining developments in their skill and understanding of their chosen discipline. 

How do the changes impact existing or aspirant Star Award Holders?

We know that many existing or aspirant Star Award holders will be wondering how the changes to the new awards impact them.

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Existing Star Award Holders

Simply, the changes do not affect current Star Award holders. Any Star Awards taken with British Canoeing will remain recognised.

The NEW Personal Performance Awards could be used to refresh your skills or development in other areas. 

Aspirant Paddlepower Candidates

For anyone who has started their Paddlepower journey in 2018, we will support you in your development and no time limit will be put in place for completion.  For anyone who completes their Paddlepower journey after January 2019, please send in the relevant documentation and we will certificate.

Become a Personal Performance Awards Provider

We are pleased to announce that the awards enable Instructors, Coaches, Leaders, Raft Guides and Bell Boat Helms to deliver specific awards, providing greater access for the paddling community.

There are a number of roles that existing Providers already hold that will enable Providers to deliver the Personal Performance Awards. We are also recognising a wide range of coaching and leadership qualifications that coaches and leaders already hold which enables them to work towards becoming a Provider of the NEW Personal Performance Awards. This also opens up the opportunity for existing Providers to deliver more awards.

All aspirant Providers will need to complete a specific eLearning package before delivering the Personal Performance Awards. This enables all Providers to access the package in the own time, reducing the need for travel, making this a more cost effective route for all Providers.

The eLearning will only be required to be accessed once, even though providers may be delivering multiple awards and covers the following topics -

  • The award structures
  • Philosophy of personal development and growth
  • Standardisation of the awards
  • Assessment principles and practices
  • Administration processes
Expand NEW Coach Award SUP Pathways

NEW Coach Award SUP Pathways

The NEW British Canoeing Stand Up Paddleboard Coach Awards allow you to coach anyone looking to start their journey on SUPs or those looking to continue to develop and progress their SUP skills.

The FOUR NEW Coach Award pathways include -

  • Stand Up Paddleboard Sheltered Water Coach
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Open Water Coach
  • Stand Up Paddleboard White Water Coach
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Race Coach

Qualification Pathway

Sup Coach Award Pathway

To become an SUP Coach, you would attend two components of face-to-face training, as well as engage in active, independent learning to develop your coaching skills out on the water. This is concluded by a 1 day assessment.

Existing UKCC Level 2 or Coach Award coaches can bypass the Core Coach training and go straight to the Discipline Specific training.


The NEW SUP Coach Awards are available from the 1st August 2019. Read the documents on the British Canoeing Awarding Body website or click here to find out more about the Coach Award and to see upcoming courses.

Expand NEW Introduction to Paddle-Ability Workshop

NEW Introduction to Paddle-Ability Workshop

The NEW Introduction to Paddle-Ability workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to develop their understanding of working with paddlers with a disability. 

The NEW three hour classroom-based workshop offers the opportunity to develop an understanding of the needs of people with disabilities and how they can use adaptions to participate in the full range of paddlesport opportunities. 

'Introduction to Disability Awareness' eLearning

Why not try the online 'Introduction to Disability Awareness' eLearning which will give you an insight into the different types of disability, acceptable terminology and what you can do to help.

Already completed the Foundation Paddle-Ability Module?

If you have already completed the Foundation Paddle-Ability Module, you do not need to do anything further. The new workshop is available to anyone so may be a good way to refresh and develop your understanding further. 

For further details, please visit the British Canoeing Awarding Body website or to find upcoming courses and information, please click here

Paddle Ability 2019 Min
Expand NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training

NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training

The NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training is designed for individuals wanting to provide safety cover at an artificial, white water course.

The objective is to provide underpinning knowledge and introduce simple and safe practical skills that can be applied appropriately, improving an individuals’ awareness of the risks and safety skills required in an artificial white water environment. The NEW four hour training course will teach Shout, Reach and Throw line techniques, introduce candidates to swim safely in an artificial white water environment and outline basic rescue protocols that prioritise the safety of the individual above all others.   

The training will cover the following UK artificial, white water centres -

  • Lee Valley White Water Centre
  • Cardiff White Water Centre
  • Pinkston White Water Centre
  • Nene White Water Centre
  • Nottingham White Water Centre
  • Tees White Water Centre

The NEW Stadium Safety and Rescue Training will be available from the 1st May 2019. Read full details of the content of the awards on the British Canoeing Awarding Body website.

Interested in completing the Stadium, Safety & Rescue training? Find a course near you on our course map or contact one of the White Water Centres.

Stadium Safety Award