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Remits & Ratios

Together with the Technical Groups, British Canoeing has developed guidance on appropriate qualifications and ratios suitable for a range of paddlesport instructional, coaching and leadership situations.

Remits And Ratios V2

Terms of Reference

Our Terms of Reference document sets out recommended practice and should be used in conjunction with the safety management systems, risk assessments, and codes of practice relevant to the activity concerned. These Terms of Reference aim to ensure the activity leader has adequate personal competence, risk awareness, currency of performance, and is equipped and experienced in the use of all necessary equipment.

The document also defines the environmental definitions, recommended qualifications and recommended ratios for a wide range of paddlesport disciplines.

Course Staffing Ratios

British Canoeing sets minimum and/or maximum candidate ratios for all formal training and assessment courses. In determining these ratios, the following factors have been considered.

Optimising the Learning Environment

A big enough group to allow paddlers to discuss their experiences and views and create opportunities for peer learning. A small enough group size to ensure the training or assessment can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of each paddler.

Safe Group Size

Maximum ratios also account for a group size in which the provider can manage the group safely when the activity, environment and craft.

Validity and Reliability

Where there is a minimum of two providers on a specific course this is in place to ensure the validity and reliability of the assessment process.

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