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Inclusive Coaching

To support disabled people’s participation in all aspects of paddlesport, we offer a wide range of inclusive coaching support resources and programmes.


The resources below are specific to coaching and assessing disabled paddlers. For a broader range of guidance and resources that promote participation, see our Paddle-Ability for Clubs/Centres section.

Reasonable Adjustments Policy

To support the inclusion of disabled paddlers in the suite of awards and qualifications available, British Canoeing has a policy of Reasonable Adjustments for Paddlesport Awards and Coaching. This provides advice and guidance for course providers on the modifications and adjustments that can be made to support disabled people to achieve their greatest potential in paddlesport and credit them for what they have achieved.

We would advise candidates requiring reasonable adjustments on a British Canoeing training or assessment course to contact their course provider directly to discuss appropriate support.

Paddle-Ability Modules

We have also developed a series of coach development modules, aimed at improving awareness and understanding of the key coaching disabled paddlers and making paddlesport coaching more inclusive.

  • The Paddle-Ability Foundation Module is an introductory module which supports coaches to improve their understanding of the needs of disabled paddlers and consider how their coaching can be adapted to be more inclusive.
  • The Intermediate Paddle-Ability Module develops on a basic understanding of coaching disabled paddlers and looks in further detail at how teaching styles, environmental factors and how adaptive equipment can be used to enable disabled paddlers to realise their full potential.