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In order to support our paddlers, coaches and leaders, British Canoeing are providing a range of eLearning resources to go alongside our qualifications and awards to support, engage and provide extra information for those who wish to extend their learning in the various topic areas.

These eLearning resources are free and open to anyone interested in the topic. 

Buoyage eLearning

This activity which gives lots of information on buoyage by taking you through many different types of buoys.  Once you've got all the information, it's time to test your knowledge with one of our quizzes, either timed or not. 

Leadership eLearning

The Leadership eLearning is available to any anyone interested in exploring the key principles behind the British Canoeing Model of Leadership Principles

An Introduction to Disability Awareness

In this interactive activity, you will learn about the different types of disability, acceptable terminology and what you can do to help.

Nutrition and Hydration

This interactive activity will give information surrounding the nutrition and hydration of paddlers, helping paddlers to develop their understanding.