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Competition Disciplines

As part of our commitment to developing coaches from all paddlesport disciplines, British Canoeing supports the specific needs of coaches operating in different competitive disciplines.

Competition Discipline

Here is a selection of the support we provide, including coaching courses for coaches wishing to enhance their competition coaching skills. Take a look at how we can help you develop your skills and knowledge, be that as a volunteer, parent, club coach or professional coach.

Discipline Support Modules

A series of discipline-specific support modules for sprint racing, marathon racing, slalom, wild water racing, polo and freestyle.

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Our Discipline Support Modules are designed for coaches who want to gain more knowledge about a specialist discipline. The courses explain the basic techniques required for the discipline and link these to the range of coaching behaviours covered in the Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Qualifications.

Star Award Equivalency

This is for those paddlers who have developed their skills in a particular competitive discipline but have had the opportunity to gain credit for their skills through the star award scheme.

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Our Star Award and Leadership Award Equivalents for Competition Paddlers enables paddlers to use race results as evidence of their personal skill level, rather than star awards which would usually be required as a pre-requisite to a coaching or leadership award.

Technical Manuals

Our Technical Groups have produced a set of Technical Manuals to support various competitive disciplines. These support current coaches and those who wish to further their technical knowledge of the relevant discipline.

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Our manuals for slalom and marathon racing are available free of charge to coaches who meet the Coach Update Scheme requirements, and are also distributed to coaches who attending the respective Discipline Support Module. Manuals for sprint, whitewater racing, polo and freestyle are currently under development.

For more information or to request a Technical Manual please contact Russell Smith, Coaching Development Officer for the Competition Disciplines.

Competition Discipline Representatives

Competitive Discipline Representatives form a vital link between the English Coaching Service, and coaches operating within the competition disciplines of paddlesport. They are pivotal in providing a voice for the needs of competition coaches at a national level.

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The objectives of these roles are to:

  • To represent the coaching needs and issues of their discipline at ECMC
  • To lead on coaching matters within the Discipline Committees
  • To represent the English Coaching Service and support the delivery of English Coaching Objectives within their discipline community

If you are interested in becoming a Competition Discipline Representative, you can see current vacancies here .