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Coaching Diploma Research

As part of the British Canoeing Coaching Diploma, students complete an Independent Study which provides an opportunity to identify an area of personalised, context-specific study or research to further their understanding of identified theories/concepts/literature within an area of particular relevance to them.  

Doug Cooper (2015): “Establishing and representing the coaching process of the expert coach: A coach led approach” 

Oisin Hallissey (2015): "Person management: Exploring adventure sport coaches' and students' perceptions of building rapport between coach and student"

Steve MacDonald (2015): “An investigation into the talent development environment (TDE) in canoe slalom within the United Kingdom”

Lee Pooley (2015): "Performance Analysis on Differing Forward Paddling Techniques"

Sid Sinfield (2015): “Coaching in non-competitive environments: Expert coaches’ perceptions of the key coaching skills and how they are developed”

Gordon Brown (2015)"An examination of the incidents occurring in sea kayaking and how coaches identify and deal with them"

Tom Sibbald (2015): "Developing intuitive thinking through priming and reflection: A pilot study"

John Carmody (2016): "An exploration of 4 Star Sea Providers’ understanding and development of situational awareness and decision making during 4 Star Sea Training"  

Marty McCann (2016): "Exploring Adventure Sports Coaches Function and Practice within the Outdoor Education & Training Board Centres in the Republic of Ireland"

Calum McNicol (2016): "An Examination into the Delivery of the 4 Star Leaders Training course and Cross Discipline Expertise within 4 Star Leader Providers"

Dave Rossetter (2016): "Examining Naturalistic Decision making in Expert and Novice Coaches"  

Chris Evans (2017): "How do adventure sport coaches facilitate decision making while working with adolescents?"

Shaun Pearce (2017)"An examination of upstream gate performance of British slalom paddlers from across the performance pathway"

Ian Wynne (2017)"A case study assessing the effectiveness of measuring and using cardiac vagal tone (CVT) as a coaching tool with elite athletes." 

Todd Johnstone-Wright (2017): Expert Paddlesport Coaches' Perceptions of the Role of Practice in the Development of Non-competitive Paddlesport Athletes 

Steve Maynard (2017): Changes in the Perceived Motivational Climate Experienced by Students Enrolled in an Immersive Field Based Academic Semester