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Increasing your involvement

If you are already an established and experienced coach or leader and are looking for a new challenge to help our sport, British Canoeing is here to help you. Here are some ways you might choose to get involved.

Increasing Your Involvement


Become a mentor, and you get to share your knowledge and experience with developing coaches and leaders.

Mentors can support trainee leaders and coaches working towards a specific qualification or work with junior leaders and coaches to develop their practice. Mentors play an important part in a coach or leader’s development, helping improve skills and being a sounding board for various issues.

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Becoming a mentor is challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

  • Challenges: you are actively involved in the professional development of the coach and the long-term improvement of paddlesport coaching. You have a responsibility to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about recent developments in coaching and coach education.
  • Rewards: you will have opportunities to share your own perspective about coaching with other coaches. As mentor, you will influence both their delivery and the activities associated with their development. This interaction will stimulate your own understanding, bringing professional activity and debate into the process.

If you have no previous experience of mentoring we would encourage you to purse some training in the first instance. British Canoeing offers a Mentoring for Paddlesport Coaches Foundation Module which will help coaches better understand the role a mentor plays and set out basic principles on how to do so well.

Our partners Sports Coach UK have also developed a training course for mentors which specifically covers the tools you need to develop your profile to the next level, how to design a mentoring programme that will support your coaches’ learning, and to increase the effectiveness of your mentoring relationship

View ‘A Guide to Mentoring Sports Coaches Workshop

Coaching Representative roles

If your interest is in the wider development of coaching in your area, you may want to take on a Coaching Representative role.

Coaching Representatives provide a first point of contact for clubs and coaches on coaching related matters. There are three distinct yet related roles: Area Coaching Representatives, Regional Coaching Representatives and Competitive Discipline Representatives.

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  • Area Coaching Representatives (ACRs) provide a first level of support for coach members, and clubs and centres in the local area. They offer an important link between coaches and the English Coaching Service
  • Regional Coaching Representatives (RCRs) coordinate the provision of coaching related support in their region. They link the work of the Regional Development Team, and the Area Coaching Representatives and represent the needs of coaches in their area at a national level.
  • Competitive Discipline Representatives form a vital link between the English Coaching Service and coaches operating within the competition disciplines of paddlesport. These representatives are pivotal in providing a voice for competition coaches at national level

Here you can find out more about vacant positions and the nomination and election process.

​Become a Course Provider

As an experienced coach, you may wish to supplement your activity by becoming a provider of one (or more) of the British Canoeing courses or awards. Providers are often involved in training other coaches and leaders in a specific subject area. While the eligibility criteria are dependent on the award you intend to deliver, providers will need to meet the Coach Update Scheme requirements.

Find out more about becoming a Course Provider