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Developing your skills

As a qualified coach or leader there are a number of different ways you might choose to improve your skills and knowledge. When choosing a suitable progression route it’s important to consider your own personal ambitions as a coach, the needs of your paddlers and the requirements of any club or centre you are involved in.

Developing Your Skillsv2

As a sport we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of options, so if you can’t find what you are looking for here please do contact your Coaching Representative to discuss your options.

Converting from Bank-based to Boat-based Qualifications

When you have successfully completed the Level 1 or Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport as a bank-based coach, you may wish to convert to boat-based at a later date. Converting to a boat-based qualification recognises your personal skill level, ability to provide technically correct demonstrations and to perform necessary rescues.

Developing your Coaching Behaviours

Our coaching pathway is structured so that you can develop more advanced coaching behaviours as you progress from one level to the next. Each qualification builds on the previous one.

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Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport introduces the basics of running single sessions under supervision

Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport develops the ability to independently plan, deliver and review a series of six progressive sessions safely and effectively

Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport equips coaches to plan, implement and analyse long-term development programmes

Level 4 Performance Paddlesport Coaching offers coaches operating at the forefront of the sport the opportunity to progress knowledge and understanding of paddlesport performance, of the coaching process, and of coaching delivery

Coaching in Increasingly Technical Environments

Improve your existing coaching skills to plan, deliver and review progressive sessions in your preferred discipline in either a moderate or advanced water environment.

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The Moderate Water Endorsement (MWE) and Advanced Water Endorsement (AWE) qualifications supplement existing coaching skills and enable you to plan, deliver and review progressive sessions in your preferred discipline in either the moderate water environment or the advanced water environment respectively. The MWE is available in White Water, Open Canoe, Sea, Surf and Touring. The AWE is available in White Water, Open Canoe, Sea and Surf.

Develop your Technical Understanding of a Specific Discipline

Learn the basic techniques required for the discipline, and coaching strategies used to develop these. The Discipline Support Modules are aimed at coaches who are likely to be supporting the early development of discipline specialists.

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These modules are designed to assist coaches currently holding British Canoeing coaching qualifications and wanting to improve their understanding of a specific discipline such as Slalom, Sprint Racing, Marathon Racing, Polo, Wild Water Racing, Freestyle and Stand Up Paddleboard.

Expand your Understanding of a Specific Subject Area

Through the Foundation and Intermediate Modules, British Canoeing offers coaches an opportunity to develop their understanding of a variety of topic areas. These modules allow coaches to develop broad knowledge base or to gain better understanding in particular areas which directly benefit their paddlers.

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Transferring to the British Canoeing UKCC Award Scheme

The Level 2 or 3 qualifications under the previous British Canoeing Coaching Schemes focused heavily on the technical aspects of coaching: the ‘what to coach’. Coaches who qualified under this scheme may wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of coaching pedagogy by pursuing a Transfer to the UKCC scheme.

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Successful completion of the Level 2 Transfer course gives you an equivalent position in your progress towards the qualification as a coach who has completed the full Level 2 training course.

Coaches who hold a Level 3 qualification from a previous scheme and have completed a Coaching Processes course or the Level 2 Transfer course may also be eligible to join the current Coaching Scheme directly at Level 3 Core training.

Coaches who hold a Level 3 qualification from a previous scheme seeking to pursue a qualification in another discipline may also use the APL Service to progress directly to Moderate Water Endorsement in the new discipline without the need to hold the British Canoeing UKCC Level 2 qualification.