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Policies for Providers

The following Policies are aimed at Course Providers.

Advertising your courses

Correct names for the British Canoeing Awards

Data Retention for Course Candidates

Digitally Based Interactive Learning Guidance

English Delivery Centre Data Processing Agreement

English Internal Verification Strategy

English Provider Service Agreement

GDPR Briefing British Canoeing Course Providers

Guidance for Paddlers and Pool Managers

Minimum Notice Periods - Course Authorisation

Provider Fees

Reasonable Adjustments for Paddlesport Awards and Coaching

Recruitment and Selection Guidelines

Special Considerations Policy

British Canoeing Privacy Centre:

Environmental Definitions & Deployment Guidance for Instructors, Coaches & Leaders

The Environmental Definitions & Deployment Guidance for Instructors, Coaches & Leaders provides guidance and suggestions for paddlesport activity. This document provides definitions of water environments, suggested coach/leader to participant ratio, factors to take into consideration and the suggested minimum qualification(s). Please see the Awarding Body website for the guidance document. 

Please note, this guidance document replaces the existing Terms of Reference document.