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National Facility for Polo

In 2016, British Canoeing helped create a national facility for Canoe Polo at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham. The project funded through British Canoeing capital investment, provides four pitches for competition and training.

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Designed and built by Versa Dock, the canoe polo facility in Nottingham is a fantastic resource for local, regional and hopefully international competition. The four pitches are in a sheltered location down on the ‘Water Park’ at the National Watersports Centre and have access to a car park and changing facilities.

Volunteers from the Canoe Polo Committee inputted into the design specification and helped assemble the structure, which almost covers half the lake. The project was unlike any that Versa Dock had previously built and it presented some interesting design challenges. The outcome has been a great success and is now open for use by clubs, or groups through arrangement with the Watersports Centre.

For more information about canoe polo, the sport, how you can get involved and canoe polo clubs, please visit the Canoe Polo website.

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The Canoe Polo facilities are based on the Water Park at the National Watersports Centre, Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham. 

Click here for the exact location on google maps. 

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Booking and Signing in

Users must arrange booking of the pitches 7 days in advance of visiting. This can be done by
contacting – [email protected]

On arrival at site, the group leader or organiser should sign in at main reception, notifying of group
name and expected numbers.

Hire charges start at £13ph, minimum length of booking my apply


All groups must provide evidence of the following:
- Insurance
- British Canoeing affiliation
- Provide contact for responsible person (for each use)
- Risk Assessment / Emergency procedures
- Safeguarding policy (if applicable)
- Acknowledgement that all users understand the risks (physical & hygiene) of open water use
- Undertaken a pre-use inspection

All groups using the site should ensure the pitches are safe to use prior to getting on the water. This would normally involve a visual inspection of the pontoons, the goals, lines and bridge sections to ensure that any immediate hazards are identified and dealt with appropriately.

A pre-use inspection must include the following:
- Check access and egress is safe and suitable
- Water quality (visual only)
- Pitch connections secure
- Hygiene concerns safely removed (e.g. bird waste)
- Pitch / Play area free from obstruction
- Named responsible person for emergency action in attendance


Any events planned for the polo pitches should be arranged in advance with the centre and Canoe
Polo Committee. Events will be expected to comply with the British Canoeing event safety guidelines
and procedures.

Code of Conduct

Users are expected to comply with all British Canoeing codes of conduct at all times while using the site.

Accidents and first aid

Groups or individuals using the site will be expected to be responsible for their own first-aid requirements. Emergency first aid equipment is available from reception at the Water Park. It is advised that users have access to a mobile phone in case of emergency. Any accidents must be reported to Reception at the main sports centre to be logged in an accident book.

Hours of use

All usage must be agreed with NWSC and hours available will be termed by the centre to enable seasonal changes to be managed.