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Stronger Together Strategic Plan 2022-26



British Canoeing has launched Stronger Together, the organisation’s new strategic plan for 2022-26,

Stronger Together is British Canoeing’s new four-year strategy to support, grow and celebrate paddling in England and the UK. 

It builds on the work and progress achieved over the last five years and presents a plan to guide the work of all within British Canoeing and the paddling community, from our clubs and delivery partners, to coaches, staff and volunteers, alongside our key partners, stakeholders and sponsors.

Visit our Stronger Together website to download the full document and a summary report.

Our Purpose

The purpose of British Canoeing is to;

To encourage everyone to go paddling; for enjoyment, health, challenge and achievement.

Our cross-cutting themes

Our Ambitions

Ambition One Engaging recreational paddlers and attracting new paddlers
Ambition Two Increasing membership and improving member services
Ambition Three Promoting access, places to paddle and environmental awareness
Ambition Four Supporting clubs and delivery partners
Ambition Five Developing and supporting coaches, leaders, instructors and guides
Ambition Six Developing and supporting volunteers
Ambition Seven Developing talent and achieving international success
Ambition Eight Providing excellent championships, competitions and events
Ambition Nine Focused on governance, people, equality and sustainability
Ambition Ten Improving digital services and communications

Stronger Together 2017-2021

Please find below the first Stronger Together strategic plan for 2017-21, along with progress reports over the last five years.