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Our organisation


We have been around since 1936 as the British Canoe Union. In 2000 we federalised to become the umbrella organisation for the home nation associations in Scotland (Scottish Canoe Association), Wales (Canoe Wales) and Northern Ireland (Canoe Association Northern Ireland). We are still the membership body for England and are responsible for developing the sport within England.

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Today British Canoeing is responsible for leading and setting the overall framework for all the National Associations and includes areas such as coaching, competition and representing canoeing interests at a UK level.

Paddlesports for all

Since 1936 there have been many wonderful, significant changes and advances in our sport. Canoeing now covers a wide range of interests and passions as a sport and a leisure activity. We want to support and provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy and realised their potential within all aspects of canoeing regardless of their age, background or ability.

Our Purpose and Vision

The purpose of British Canoeing is to;

“Inspire people to pursue a passion for paddling; for health, enjoyment, friendship, challenge and achievement”

The vision for British Canoeing is;

“A united British Canoeing, focused on our people and ambitions and excellent in delivery”

Our ambitions

Ambition One                    Increase regular participation in paddlesport

Ambition Two                    Attract new members and improve member engagement and satisfaction

Ambition Three                 Create and promote more opportunities for exploration, adventure and challenge

Ambition Four                   Develop a stronger network of clubs and centres

Ambition Five                   Create more places to paddle and improve facilities

Ambition Six                     Improve access and promote environmental awareness

Ambition Seven                Provide excellent competitions

Ambition Eight                  Improve pathways to performance and international success

Ambition Nine                   Develop volunteers, coaches and leaders

Ambition Ten                    Strengthen governance and financial sustainability within the sport

Ambition Eleven               Improve the profile of paddlesport and communications throughout the sport