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Voluntary Vacancies


4 x Environment & Sustainability Advisory Group Volunteer Members

As British Canoeing prepares to consult with its members and stakeholders on its next strategy, it is clear from our membership that our role in raising the awareness of the environment and sustainability agenda linked with Clear Access, Clear Waters is a critical element that should underpin our future strategy in all that we do.

We are therefore establishing an Environment & Strategy Advisory Group that will be made up of identified British Canoeing staff and supported by 4 voluntary members from within the paddlesport community. We are looking for individuals who are passionate and have expertise in this area to support the development and implementation of an environment & sustainability strategy for British Canoeing for the next BC strategy period. Significant paddlesport experience is not a prerequisite, we are looking for people of all ages or background with a passion from any of our diverse paddlesport disciplines.

This is an exciting time to get involved in shaping a strategy to build British Canoeing’s reputation not only as a leading National Governing Body but also taking its social responsibilities seriously and supporting its role in promoting the awareness of this important area alongside the Clear Access, Clear Waters campaign.

The first task of this group will be to consult with our members and stakeholders and be a part of developing an exciting and ambitious new strategy for paddlesport in the UK going forward.

Applicants will ideally have substantial experience in sustainability and able to demonstrate a passion for promoting awareness and a clarity of strategy in this area.

This is a voluntary role, largely conducted through virtual meetings but any essential expenses will be reimbursed.

To apply:

Please send a covering letter clearly stating why you wish to apply for this voluntary role and what experience or expertise you have related to the role to [email protected]

Closing date for applications is: Monday 25th January 2021

Virtual interviews will be held during February 2021 

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of everyone taking part in our sport, including children and young people, and expect the same commitment from all staff and volunteers.

British Canoeing is an equal opportunity employer.

Terms of reference for the role

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This document sets out the terms of reference for the British Canoeing Environment & Sustainability Advisory Group.

The Aims

The overall aims of the Group are:

  • To lead the development and review of the Sustainability Plan for British Canoeing
  • To monitor its delivery and report on progress and ensure the objectives of the sustainability plan are understood and integrated into the work of staff, membership, RDTs, Discipline Committees and other British Canoeing committees.
  • The Plan will cover the activities of British Canoeing ie its UK responsibilities around British events and international events, British Teams but also focus on the English delivery responsibilities of British Canoeing.

Roles and responsibilities 

The Group is established to:

  • Create the Sustainability Plan for British Canoeing 
  • Influence how we embed sustainability within our strategic plan ‘Stronger Together 2021-25’ and commit to reducing our impact on the environment 
  • Produce an Environmental Policy Statement - a clear set of objectives outlining our commitment to reducing our negative impact on the environment 
  • For each objective identify targets and measures for a short (align to Annual Plan), medium (align with Strategic Plan) and long term (align with Government Plan A Green Future: Our 25 year plan to improve the Environment) 
  • Strive to achieve a relevant Environmental accreditation – (explore ISO 14001) that sets out the criteria for an effective environmental management system and Sports for Climate Action principles 
  • Identify and recruit sustainability ambassadors for British Canoeing
  • Report and make recommendations to the Senior Management Team and the British Canoeing Board
  • Encourage change within the policies within British Canoeing to encourage and maximise sustainability
  • Develop partnerships with statutory and other organisations which will lead to improvements in sustainability
  • Address the practical needs of British Canoeing family, and affiliated organisations to align the sustainability strategy with the Stronger Together principles 
  • Provide guidance to the British Canoeing staff and volunteers on sustainability
  • Work with the British Canoeing Staff to identify how staff can influence sustainability in what staff do, to be advocates for change and champion the message.
  • The Group has the powers to make sub groups either as a standing group or for a specific period and with a specific brief 

The Outcomes

This work will allow British Canoeing to:

  • Protect our sport and contribute to reducing the risk of drought/flooding causing issues for paddlers
  • Achieve the Clear Access, Clear Waters Charter pledge ‘to continue to act to protect and improve the health of our rivers; working to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment’
  • Meet Expectations of stakeholders and members, attract new members, sponsorship and funding
  • Support the health & wellbeing of members, staff and volunteers
  • Lead by example in this area
  • Comply with Environmental legislation and strive to achieve relevant environmental accreditation
  • Save money and create efficiencies


The Group has been established as an Advisory Group within the committee structure of British Canoeing. It will be accountable to the Board of British Canoeing through the CEO. It shall report progress to a meeting of the Board at least once a year and shall present a summary of its work each year, within the Annual Report of British Canoeing.

The Chair of the Group

The Chair of the Group shall be a member of staff within British Canoeing, appointed by the CEO


Membership of The Group shall consist of British Canoeing staff and volunteers who have an interest or expertise in the environment & sustainability. 

There shall normally be between 8 and 12 members within the group. This will consist of 4 members of staff and 4 others from within the membership of British Canoeing.

Members will be recruited following an open recruitment process. 

The Group may co-opt up to 4 other members to bring specific areas of expertise, as required by the Group.

Members on the group shall serve terms of 4 years and shall be eligible for re appointment at the end of each term.


The Group shall at least twice a year and shall usually meet virtually via video conference. 

Minutes of each meeting shall be recorded. Copies of the minutes shall be posted on the website as soon as possible after each meeting. 

The quorum at meetings shall be half the members who are appointed at that time.

Decisions shall usually be reached through consensus, but when voting takes place this shall be by show of hands and each elected and co-opted member shall have one vote. In the event of a tie, the chair shall have the casting vote.

Role Description

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TITLE: Volunteer member – Environment & Sustainability Advisory Group

RESPONSIBLE TO: Chair of the Environment & Sustainability Advisory Group (in the case of Chair then responsible to CEO)

TERM OF APPOINTMENT: Four** years and shall be eligible for re appointment at the end of each term.

SALARY: Voluntary (reasonable ‘out of pocket’ expenses reimbursed) 
** Subject to satisfactory annual review



Advisory Group Meetings will be held virtually and occasionally may be held at British Canoeing Head Office, National Water Sport Centre, Nottingham. 


See the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Environment & Sustainability advisory group


  • Experience in a related field linked to the environment & sustainability
  • A passion for environmental issues and how British Canoeing can influence the future direction for our sport.
  • An understanding of how British Canoeing staff, committees and Board are structured to contribute to a strategy that will be relevant to members (& non-members), clubs, staff and stakeholders.
  • Analytical ability to assess evidence and make objective decisions 


  • A passion for Canoeing and aligned with British Canoeing’s Stronger Together strategy
  • Ability to be diplomatic and to deal with issues in a sensitive manner 
  • Flexible and a team player
  • Able to devote sufficient time to the role


  • Attend and contribute at face to face or virtual meetings as required
  • Undertake individual or sub group delegated tasks and projects as part of a team to develop and implement the strategy
  • Act as an ambassador for the environment and sustainability for British Canoeing as required


British Canoeing Regional Development Team Vacancies

Hours: 6 days per year (approx.)

Location: Regional

Salary: Voluntary

British Canoeing is the United Kingdom's Governing Body for the sport and recreation of canoeing and kayaking.

Across England there are 10 volunteer led Regional Development Teams (RDTs), whose purpose is to involve itself in all matters relating to the development of the sport and recreation of Paddlesport within their regions. Learn more

Each RDT is made up of four elected posts; Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and a number of technical roles including Regional Coaching Representatives (RCR) to Regional Waterways Advisors (RWA). A full list of roles and summary role descriptions can be found here. 

Being part of your local RDT is a great way of supporting clubs, centres and paddlers in your region and to influence the direction of British Canoeing.

The following teams looking for enthusiastic people to fill positions:

North Eastern Regional Development Team:

Vice Chair and Regional Waterways Advisor.

North West Regional Development Team:

Regional Paddle-Ability Representative and a Regional Safety Advisor. 

Cumbria Regional Development Team:

Regional Waterways Advisor, Regional Safety Advisor and Regional Paddle-Ability Representative

Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Development Team

Secretary and Regional Waterways Advisor

East Midland Regional Development Team

Chair, Secretary, Regional Safety Advisor, Regional Communications Officer and Regional Events Coordinator.

Eastern Regional Development Team:

Regional Communications Officer -

  • Coordinate the regional communications and information service, Including the
  • regional webpages
  • social media assets
  • Undertake BC website training as required
  • Encourage the production of regional news stories and sharing with BC media team 

Area Coaching Representative (ACR) for Cambridgeshire

Area Coaching Representative (ACR) for Norfolk

South Regional Development Team:

Vice Chair, Treasurer, Regional Communications Officer.

South West Regional Development Team:

Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Regional Paddle-Ability Representative and a general call out for people to support the work of the region.

In addition, the English Coaching Management team are also are seeking applicants for a Regional Coaching Representative in the Channel Islands.

For an informal chat please contact:

For Regional Waterways Advisor contact [email protected] 

For all other roles contact Craig at [email protected]

To apply:

For a general expression of interest form please click here.

These posts are covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, British Canoeing is only permitted to ask an individual information about ‘unspent’ cautions and convictions. This will be carried out through completion of a DBS Basic Check.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of everyone taking part in our sport, including children and young people, and expect the same commitment from all staff and volunteers. 

British Canoeing is an equal opportunity employer.