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Code For Sports Governance

British Canoeing is a national governing body for sport which is awarded public funding. The organisation is required to comply with the Code for Sports Governance, launched in 2016.

The Code contains important changes to the governance of sport including creating a single set of 58 mandatory governance requirements across five themes: structure, people, communication, integrity and policy.

 The requirements include:

 ·  Greater transparency, enabling participants and fans to better understand the decision-making of those leading their sports

·  Reforms to board membership, including at least 25% independent members

·  Commitments to greater diversity, including at least 30% of each gender on boards

·  Establishing boards as the ultimate decision-making authority within a sport rather than traditional councils

·  Tighter term limits for board and council members to ensure a regular renewal of ideas and expertise

Governing bodies will have to remain compliant with the Code and be expected to put action plans and commitments into practice, particularly those in relation to diversity.

In December 2017 British Canoeing received confirmation from UK Sport and Sport England that it is in compliance with the Code.

We were very pleased to have achieved the gold standard in governance which is positive reinforcement for the whole organisation and is very much in keeping with the Stronger Together strategy.

 However achieving excellent governance is an ongoing commitment and thus British Canoeing has put in place a dedicated governance team which will continuously strive to improve at all levels.

 The British Canoeing Action Plan for compliance with the Code for Sports Governance can be found below: