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The British Canoeing Board of Directors

Role Name
British Canoeing CEO David Joy
Chair Professor John Coyne CBE
Vice Chair (Independent) Richard Boreham
CANI Director Stephen Craig
Canoe Wales David Wakeling
Scottish Canoe Association Steve Linksted
England Director Clare Dallaway
England Director Dee Paterson
England Director Greg Smale
Independent Director James Fry
Independent Director Mark Bache
Independent Director Bronagh Kennedy

The Committee Structure of British Canoeing 

The new Committee Structure of British Canoeing can be downloaded below.

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The Committees of the Company

The terms of reference for the Committees of the Company can be found here. 

British Canoeing President and Vice Presidents

Role Name
President Ivan Lawler MBE
Vice President Alan Laws
Vice President David Green
Vice President Dr Tim Brabants
Vice President Malcolm Kerry
Vice President Roger Fox
Vice President David Belbin
Vice President Jim Rossiter
Vice President Greg Smale

Annual General Meeting

British Canoeing holds an Annual General Meeting in March or early April every year. 

Articles of Association

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Key documents

Annual Report - 2017

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Annual Report - 2016

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Annual Report - 2015

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Annual Report - 2014

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