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Equality and British Canoeing

For British Canoeing Equality is about fairness in sport, impartiality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them.

Equality involves changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure it becomes equally accessible to all members of society and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to realise their talent and full potential.

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The Equality Standard for Sport

The Equality Standard is a framework to guide sports and community organisations to widen access and reduce inequalities within their sport from under-represented individuals, groups and communities.

There are four levels of achievement – Foundation, Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced. British Canoeing achieved the Foundation Level of the Equality Standard for Sport in 2006, the Preliminary Standard in 2008 and the Intermediate Level in 2012. We are currently working towards the Advanced Level of the Standard.

What we are doing to promote Equality

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British Canoeing’s Equality Policy is reviewed annually and we regularly review and update our guidance to clubs, coaches and volunteers. Club documents can be found on our Information for Clubs pages.

Our Transgender and Transsexual Competition Policy was updated in April 2019 and a copy of the full policy can be found here

British Canoeing is proud to have signed the Government Action Charter ‘Tackling Homophobia and Transphobia in Sport’. The Charter aims to champion lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people within sport and allows organisations to pledge their support against all forms of discrimination.

Canoeing for disabled people

We have developed a strong Paddle-Ability programme that focuses on increasing regular participation for disabled people in canoeing. There is also a Paracanoe programme for individuals who aspire to compete at the Paralympics. Canoeing is a fantastic sport for people with a disability with a wide range of opportunities, activities and adaptations to meet individual needs. Paddle-Ability, Paracanoe and disability information can be found on the disability info tabs around the website.

Gender diversity

We also have a number of initiatives for women and girls and more information can be found in our news and clubs sections.

Board Diversity

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