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Canoe Foundation

The Canoe Foundation is the official charity partner to British Canoeing.

Canoe Foundation Withstrapline

The Canoe Foundation are supporting British Canoeing's Clear Access Clear Waters campaign. Funding new access points as well as restoration and improvements across the UK. 

Their mission statement is simple, to:

"Improve places to paddle."

The Foundation welcome one-off or regular donations to help them continue their work, as well as legacy donations and British Canoeing member donations at membership renewal too. 

Over the last few years, the Foundation have awarded over £150,000 in grants to projects across the United Kingdom. These projects include:

  • £15,000 to install a pontoon and floating environment close to the 2012 London Olympic stadiums in East London 
  • £10,000 for the Gloucester Docks Activity Hub disabled waterway access regeneration project
  • £4,000 to support disabled paddling with the Calvert Trust Exmoor
  • £10,000 to support diverse communities and homeless charities discover paddling in central Cardiff
  • £3,500 to restore Hoveton Wetlands in the Broads for paddlers to access the beautiful trails there
  • £7,000 for funding repairs to the access point on the River Lough as part of the Stangford Canoe Trail
  • A number of small grants to clubs and organisations to carry out repair and restoration work to existing access points too

Read about more of the projects the Canoe Foundation have funded over the last few years here.

Three ways you can help the Canoe Foundation

1. Donate! The Canoe Foundation can't make these projects happen without the generosity of paddlers. Please consider giving a one-off or regular donation to the Foundation to ensure this work can carry on for years to come. Make a donation here >

2. Leave a gift in your Will. If you believe in the access work that the Foundation are undertaking, and would like to see your legacy carried on through improved waterway access, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to the Foundation. 

3. Share their work! Let people know about the Canoe Foundation and what they're doing to help paddlers access water. They're a niche charity and every voice helps when talking about the work they're undertaking to help paddlers access the water sustainably and safely. 

Applying for a grant

Canoe Foundation grant applications open twice a year for grants of up to £10,000 or more in exceptional circumstances. Applications are open to clubs, centres, parish councils and other local organisations looking to make a change to benefit members of the public/the wider paddling community. 

You can find out more about their application process here.