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Luke Harding

Luke Harding

Canoe Sprint, K2

Paddling since: 2006

Club: Longridge

Coach: Tom Daniels

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Canoe Sprint

Paddling since: 2008

Club: Chelmsford

Coach: Kiethe Moore

Robert Oliver

Robert Oliver

Paracanoe - Men's K1 200m KL3

Paddling since: 2011

Club: Solihull Canoe Club

Coach: Colin Radmore

Zachary Franklin

Zachary Franklin

Canoe Slalom - Men's K1 & C2 with Ryan Westley

Paddling since: G'Power/RAAB

Club: Independent

Coach: Marc Domenjo

Ryan Westley

Ryan Westley

Canoe Slalom - Men's C1

Paddling since: 1996

Club: Lower Wharfe

Coach: Gareth Wilson

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